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Welcome to the Idaho Rural Partnership

The Idaho Rural Partnership (IRP) joins diverse public and private resources in innovative collaborations to strengthen communities and improve life in rural Idaho.

The IRP Board is established by state statute and is made up of 36 individuals who work together to improve economic and social conditions in rural Idaho. Some Board members are appointed by the Governor and others include representatives from federal and state agencies, and for-profit and non-profit entities.  

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Idaho Rural Partnership Completes Survey of Rural Idaho Leaders

Idaho Rural Partnership (IRP) and partner agencies and organizations completed a survey of rural Idaho leaders in summer 2020 about the impact of and response to the Covid-19 pandemic in rural communities. An invitation to complete the survey was distributed on July 22, 2020 to IRP’s 1,200-person mailing list and to the contact lists maintained by partner organizations and agencies. Survey responses were accepted through August 7, 2020. The partner agencies and organizations included:

  • Idaho Department of Commerce

  • Idaho Commission for Libraries

  • Idaho Housing and Finance Association

  • University of Idaho Extension

  • Clearwater Economic Development Association

  • Idaho Commission on the Arts

  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

  • U.S. Small Business Administration

  • Rocky Mountain Power

The 333 people who completed the survey live throughout the state, although response was greater in the southwest, north central, and north Idaho compared to southern and southeast Idaho.

Most survey respondents (69%) identified themselves as either a:  (1) city or county elected official, (2) city, county, or tribal employee, (3) leader of a community organization, or (4) resident.  Other survey respondents included economic development professionals, business owners, and community volunteers.

We wanted to conduct this survey to understand broader COVID-19 community impacts and responses as a supplement to previous surveys that rightfully placed greater emphasis on business owners.  The results point to substantial concerns about the ongoing impact of COVID-19, but also to creative and compassionate community responses that should make Idahoans proud.”

Want to learn more?  A copy of the survey report is available for download below.

Survey Report