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Land Use Planning


Nez Perce/Lapwai June 12-14, 2012

  • For examples of Idaho communities that do a good job of explaining planning and zoning processes and providing applications on-line, see the following.

Glenns Ferry March 6-8, 2012

  • Idaho Chapter of American Planning Association. Daren Fluke, President, 208-869-3903, darenfluke@gmail.com.
  • American Planning Association’s “Community Planning Assistance Teams” program.  Go to http://www.planning.org/communityassistance/teams/.
  • Web-based visioning and community engagement tools are available to brainstorm ideas, discuss issues, and build consensus.  They allow citizens to participate in a confidential, simple on-line forum.  Examples include vBulletin, MindMixer, BangTheTable, and FreeForum.org.
  • The Orton Family Foundation shares information, best practices, and tools on citizen-driven planning and public participation in rural communities.  Stewarding the Future of Our Communities:  Case Studies in Sustaining Community Engagement and Planning in America’s Small Cities and Towns is one recent publication.  Go to http://www.orton.org/resources/stewardship_study.

The City of Greenleaf, Idaho in Canyon County completed its award-winning comprehensive plan in 2006.  Go to http://www.greenleaf-idaho.us/Res108CompPlan.pdf.